“Know before you go”


“What’s in there?” This is the popular question of all people who want to travel to a certain place they are not familiar with. Often times even if they ask someone who lives there, they don’t get the answer, mostly the locals do not know what they have.

Asking question is a sign of being a smart traveler. It is not a good idea just to go to a place and just wish that your time will be well-spent.

To probably have a smart and great travel, of course, you have to plan your trip ahead of time. You need to familiarize and have to gain knowledge of what to see and expect in places, basically, what to do, where to eat, where to stay, and everything that concerns traveling.

Our major goal is to help people to travel smarter by developing a Cross-Channel-Tourism (CCT) hub that is all about travel & tourism information and enthusiastically accessible to everyone.

It is also a must-have for first-timers in any places in the Philippines and for you not to miss an attraction near you.




  • Travel & Tourism Destination-Article, that cover tons of information you need to know in specific destinations in the Philippines which will help and guide you along the way while planning a trip;
  • Travel & Tourism Directory that is a web index that is made exclusively for travel & tourism-related establishments and facilities that will help to identify tourist attractions near your location or planning location; and
  • Travel & Tourism Map Brochure that is made available for offline tools, it is jam-packed with important telephone numbers, maps that caters tourist-friendly designed, and information about the featured location that you can physically hold in your hand. Free copies available only at the arrival area of Clark International Airport.




In the second quarter of 2019, we will launch another tool to add to our CCT tools, the Travel & Tourism Events. It is strategically a web directory that scopes all events, festivals and/or activities with more advanced feature like intuitive search, advance calendar, and interactive maps which will enable to help you know current and future events in certain locations in the Philippines.




Travel & Tourism Destination-Article
Travel & Tourism Directory
Travel & Tourism Map brochures
Travel & Tourism Events : ( under development )



Our Cross-Channel-Tourism hubs are one-stop-source of information to help you travel smarter in the Philippines and guarantee your well-spent memorable experience.

Take them anywhere and start planning ahead on your trip today!